Systematic Stress Relief Workshop

A 2-day SELF-DISCOVERY adventure….

…with the opportunity to improve your quality of life, hopes and happiness.

To learn new communication skills that will greatly enhance the quality of your interaction with others and lessen difficulties in life.
To face and deal with barriers in your life that prevent you living life the way you want to live it.
To facilitate lasting change and enduring improvement in your life rather than a temporary feel good and boost in energy level.


  • You will know how to systematically work on things in your life that cause you stress, till you are able to handle them easily without negative reactions.
  • You will improve your ability to confront issues and face people.
  • You will recognize fixed beliefs that hold you back and apply a powerful process to transform them.
  • You will know how to free yourself of past negative experiences’ upsets and traumas.
  • You will be able to communicate freely in a safe environment with your workshop partner.
  • You will learn to focus on the present and on the person you are with.
  • You will acquire communication skills that you can use in your home, business and social life.

Course Outline:
In this workshop you will practice being present so you can truly be there for your partner. You will learn the magic and skills of listening and acknowledging.

  • In the first part of the workshop, you will learn vital basic procedures. Then, you will spend the remainder of the day working with a partner on areas of your life that you choose.
  • Whatever issue you select, you will be given a choice of procedures to address the problem or area of difficulty. Your partner will then repetitively ask you the questions that can bring to the surface accumulated upsets or problems attached to your target issue. Examining it causes the mental “charge” or energy around it to dissipate.

Consequently, when the procedure is complete, the effect of the target subject will be diminished.

  • Then, you switch and help your partner through the same procedures, again according to their interest and choice.

Day One

  • Identify areas of stress to work on.
  • How and why the Systematic Stress Release procedures work.
  • Study and practice of the necessary communication skills.
  • Work in pairs.

Day Two

  • Study of fixed beliefs. Study of how to remove the effects of past traumas and upsets – how these can affect you, and procedures to handle them.
  • More in-depth Stress Release sessions working in pairs, applying belief handling and trauma handling techniques as needed.

Who will benefit from participation:

  • People ready for positive change and willing to face their issues as well as the sources of their difficulties.
  • People who demand more of themselves and more excellence in their lives.
  • People with high stress levels.
  • Anyone with persistent problems that conventional handlings won’t budge.
  • People looking for more than advice, opinions or someone to solve their problems for them, but with the help of our procedures can do it themselves.
  • People willing to listen to others and assist them to make gains for themselves.
  • People who recognize that their answers lie within themselves and need someone to listen and understand as they discover them.
  • Anyone seeking in-depth handlings of their scene rather than “quick fix” short term solutions.

About the Facilitator:
Marianne Hagen, Director and Lead Facilitator of the Excalibur Program in New Zealand, has been a Personal Development Specialist since 1972, training in six different countries and doing years of Stress Release work on individuals. She has trained Personal Development Facilitators since 1984, and been presenting workshops internationally since 1990 using the Superlearning interactive style of presentation to maximize learning and application.

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